About the Stay Boutique List & Booking Site

Note: This site will be up coming in 2018 (finding the right partners to create the best site ever to book your boutique hotel room!) 

Stay Boutique-Ariela Kiradjian

What is a boutique hotel?

Boutique hotels are a growing phenomenon that are essentially stylish, focussing on providing unique experiences for guests. By offering a distinct character and approach, these businesses represent a refreshing counterpoint to those large, homogenized hotel chains.

Many factors can play their part in defining the boutique aesthetic. There are the finer details of interior design; the selection and preparation of food and beverages; the history and atmosphere of the building itself; the staff with their local knowledge and attention detail; and the overall approach to running a hotel. Just to mention a few.

Boutique hotels may not necessarily be small or independently owned (though many of them are). If anything ‘boutique’ is a feeling, a state of mind that makes all the difference between a run-of-the-mill stopover and a treasured memory.

The hotels at StayBoutique.com are each independently verified as authentic boutique and lifestyle hotels by the Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association. We do this using our own secret formula, which includes all the elements outlined above, plus other factors such as independent reviews and public persona. The result is a selection of hotels that are all genuine boutique and of the highest quality.

Why should you stay
at a
boutique hotel?

Travel should be always pleasant experience, and memorable for the right reasons. That’s why hotel guests are increasingly turning towards those hotels that provide a break from the norm, offering a tailored experience rather than a one-size-fits-all overnighter.

The overwhelming success of boutique hotels in recent years has shown that they provide the injection of personality the hotel business has been missing for years. These hotels offer style, individual aesthetic, local knowledge, and other benefits that mark them out from the pack.

There are boutique hotels that specialize in particular offerings, such as great collections of art or fine cuisine. But what all of the properties at StayBoutique.com provide is an authentic, well-thought-out experience that is entirely their own, and an attention to detail that will leave you feeling well looked after, from check-in to check-out.

Why should you trust us?

Every hotel featured on the site has been independently verified as an authentic boutique and luxury lifestyle hotel of quality by the Boutique & Luxury Lifestyle Association (BLLA), the sector’s most prominent and trusted authority.

Founded 10 years ago as a uniting force across this ever-growing hotel niche, the association is committed to supporting and promoting the very best boutique hotels across the world. We’ve compiled the list presented on StayBoutique.com to offer the world’s best site for sourcing authentic and high-quality boutique hotels. Funded through BLLA’s membership revenue, the site takes no commission, so 100% of the booking revenue goes directly to the hotels.

The hotels are searchable by area, to make it easier than ever to find your dream hotel, wherever you happen to be in the world. So, for travellers seeking an authentic and trustworthy boutique experience, there is no better place to look than Stay-Boutique.com.